Ghoulish Fun for a Good Cause

Last summer, I met with Christine Chute, former United Way fundraiser and now development & volunteer coordinator for Goodwill Industries of Central Texas. We were brainstorming on how she can engage more fun people to be involved with Goodwill. So after a few weeks, she comes back with a great idea – the Ghoulwill Ball 2007! What a great match since everyone and their family goes to Goodwill to buy their costumes for Halloween. I’m actually surprised they hadn’t done that before. So I’m going to check it out and I encourage everyone to do the same. It’s a great cause and seems like lots of fun! Here’s what they have in store….

Paparazzi Photo-ops
Costume Contest
Fashion Show
Silent Auction
Entertainment by the Flametrick Subs & Satan’s Cheerleaders!

To rsvp or buy tickets, go to

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