Hands On Central Texas gets a makeover!

We strongly believe that donating your time is a valuable gift to our community – which is why we run Austin’s largest volunteer network. This week, we updated the Hands On Central Texas site to make it easier for volunteers to find what they’re looking for.

Here’s what changed:

New homepage

We’ve updated the homepage with a more intuitive slideshow so you can easily browse the top events we have going on. We’ve also added a stream of photos from projects and created project categories.

Project categories

We’ve heard from you that the search function on the site is tricky – it doesn’t always pull the opportunities you’re really looking for.

So we decided to take the guess work out of connecting to volunteering by making it easier to access opportunities in the areas we see most often. The categories – which are accessible from the home page and the new By Categories page – include opportunities related to our UWATX Strategic Programs (Success By 6, Target Graduation and Financial Opportunity) and those that offer team building, are family friendly or fit a seasonal need, like tax prep or holiday volunteering.

Our goal is to connect you to meaningful volunteering – so let us know if you’re not seeing what you want to see.

Easy-to-find calendar

We often direct volunteers to our calendar to find the right opportunities for them – so we’ve made the calendar accessible from every page on the site. Now, you can easily see a calendar view of upcoming opportunities.

New business pages

There are many reasons why businesses encourage volunteering – growing morale, helping employees come together – and we help businesses bring these benefits to their employees. We partners with 200+ businesses locally – so we’ve created a section of the site to highlight this important work.


What stayed the same is our commitment to YOU – our dedicated team will continue to make improvements and work to engage even more volunteers in more meaningful ways.


With that in mind, we’d love to hear from you – let us know what issues or challenges you’re having the site. Also, feel free to comment with your ideas for the future.

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