Hands On makes a $2M impact

Last year, our Hands On Central Texas  program, Austin’s largest volunteer network, made quite a difference, and here are just a few highlights:

    • Our in-house team of two volunteer managers coordinated 13,000 volunteers – that’s 92,000 hours of doing good
    • Through our Hands On database, approximately 10,000 additional volunteers got connected to meaningful projects
    • We worked with more than 500 organizations, businesses and groups
    • We adapted our Volunteer Project Leader program for middle school students and started classes at Webb Middle School. Our first class of students did so much good work, we expanded it to Decker Middle School and Mendez Middle School – the other campuses served by Middle School Matters.
    • We did the math: based on the value of an hour of volunteering, for only the hours we directly managed, Hands On Central Texas made an impact of more than $2 million!

We couldn’t have done it with out you: we – our team alongside the companies, individuals and organizations that came out for our Days of Caring  and other projects – made Austin greater. Thank you!


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