HOW TO: Highlight your philanthropy on LinkedIn


LinkedIn now has 200M users, with 2 new users added every second. To help our donors, volunteers and partners showcase their good work on the professional social network, we put together this recorded webinar.

Giving back and professional development


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HOW TO: List your experience on your LinkedIn profile

To add your volunteer experience, go to this edit page (you may be asked to sign in to LinkedIn). You can list three types of volunteer and cause information:

Causes you care about –

  • This is an opportunity to list topics or issues that you care about.
  • LinkedIn has created the list of options.
  • Click to check the box next to those causes you care about.

Organizations you support –

  • These are organizations that you donate to, care about, advocate for or believe in.
  • Click on the bar below the question and start typing. The name of the current organization will eventually appear, click to select it.

Experience –

  • This includes roles you’ve held with organizations, like being a member of the board, serving on a council or leading a committee.
  • Fill in all the appropriate fields, including the description, like you would if you were adding a job to LinkedIn.
  • To edit roles you’ve previously posted, go to your profile and click “Edit Profile.”


LinkedIn Groups
  • Groups are a way to connect with peers, share discussions and make professional connections.
  • To find groups you belong to, hover over “Interests” in the navigation bar and click “Groups” when it appears.
  • To find groups to join, simply search for the relevant topic in the search bar.
  • In a group, you can post discussions, host polls or share information or interesting articles and news – all the things you could do at an in-person event, but translated to the digital space.
Company pages on LinkedIn
  • Companies and organizations also have pages on LinkedIn. Here, they might share news about the organization or articles they think you might be interested in.
  • You can follow a company by clicking the “Follow” button.
  • Organizations might also have a “Services” tab, where they list their offerings for the community.
  • In the same way you recommend an individual on LinkedIn, you can also recommend or review a service from an organization or company.


If you have any additional questions about LinkedIn, please add them to the comments.

Also, if you participate in the offline world, please consider joining our LinkedIn groups for Young Leaders Society, Women’s Leadership Council and Employee Campaign Leaders, as well as following UWATX on LinkedIn.

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