Inching to the Top–Nonprofit managers who are minorities search for a quicker way up the ladder

Hands On Central Texas Director Armando Rayo was featured in the latest issue of The Chronicle of Philanthropy. Check out what he has to say about minority managers at nonprofits.

Some young managers who are members of minority groups say they already face doubts from supervisors and prospective employers about their abilities based on their age and level of experience. Ethnicity adds one more barrier for them.

In some cases, they say, their own bosses or other nonprofit leaders have made them acutely aware of their physical differences.

“I don’t look like a typical nonprofit director to them,” says Armando Rayo, the 33-year-old director of Hands On Central Texas, in Austin, a department within the local United Way that helps to raise money and bolster a corps of volunteers.

Read the entire article here.

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