Inspirational MLK Peace Bench!

We just received one of the last MLK Peace Benches we committed to build & distribute throughout Austin & I have to say it is quite inspirational! Jill Brown, one of our volunteers took on this project as a way to “give back to the community and the United Way.” She sent us a thank you letter and I would like to share her inspiration with you…

“This last (MLK Peace) bench I wanted to be special, and more of a 3-D sculpture than the previous benches. Martin Luther King, Jr. has been such an influence figure in our history and our souls. The entire bench is wrapped in newspaper clippings, because we (as a society) would not be where we are today without his leadership and dedication. Images of MLK and milestones from his life are layered on top of those clippings to capture and commemorate his guidance and direction. The seat-back of the bench is sky of possibilities, something we can always look forward to.”

In behalf of United Way & Hands On, thank you Jill Brown – Volunteer & Artist Extraordinaire!

Director, Hands On Central Texas

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