Make the most of summer

The summer time, when children are home and work seems to slow down, is an opportunity and a challenge – adults and children alike tend to have more time to explore their interests, but finding the right way to invest your time  can be daunting.

Without engaging activities, summer can become a barrier for students, and a missed opportunity for adults.

Back in the day (just a few years ago), summer was a time for curling up with a new book, but with the explosion of new technology, there’s a whole host of other types of media to enrich your summer. So, inspired by NPR, our on-staff experts on young children, financial literacy and philanthropy put together some recommendations for media that’s good for the heart and the mind:

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood (PBS Show) – A spinoff of Mr. Roger’s Nighborhood, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is a new animated program for preschoolers ages 2 to 4 that teaches key social skills through imagination, creativity and music.

Recommended by: Greg Bennett, father of 2-year-old Lilly and Manager, Public Sector campaigns
For: Young children

Endless Alphabet (iPad App) – A free iPad app, Endless ABCs helps children build their vocabulary with adorable monsters, interactive puzzles, talking letters and animation. The app helps children recognize letters, understand words and develop their fine motor skills.

Recommended by: Amber Welsh, mother of 3-year-old Susan, and Middle School Matters Coordinator
For: Young children

Signing Time (Show on public television and Nick Jr.) – This show uses music, movement, and American Sign Language to educate children of all ages and abilities.

Recommended by: Greg Bennett, father of 2-year-old Lilly and Manager, Public Sector campaigns
For: Children of all ages!

Germs Are Not For Sharing (& Others) by Elizabeth Verdick – This series of books covers a broad array of topics for parents and young children. The books are accessible and bilingual!

Recommended by: Kaley Horton, Project Coordinator, Success By 6
For: Young children

Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card – This classic science fiction novel focuses on a young prodigy saving the human race from an alien war. This is your last change to be able to say “I read the book before the movie came out.”

Recommended by: Sarah, Janeka, Director, Financial Opportunity, and Aviva Pinchas, self-proclaimed sci-fi enthusiast and Digital Marketing Manager
For: Middle school students – Our local PBS channel (and UWATX Partner) has a fantastic site devoted to kids of all ages, including local show highlights, a section for grownups and their own recommended apps.

Recommended by: Our Success By 6 staff working closely with KLRU
For: Children and Adults

Building Wealth (Mobile App) – This is a beginner’s guide to securing your financial future, showing that, regardless of income level, you can build wealth by setting goals, budgeting, saving, investing, building credit and controlling debt. It was developed by the FDIC and features interactive and gaming components.

Recommended by: Faith Ryan, Outreach Coordinator
For: Adults and children

Lean In  by Sheryl Sandberg – Inspiring nonfiction from the COO of Facebook, this book builds on Sandberg’s 2010 TEDTalk about women in the workplace and shares her personal experiences.

Recommended by: Sarah Janeka, Director, Financial Opportunity
For: Working professionals, especially women

Uncharitable by Dan Pallotta – Also following an inspiring TEDTalk, Pallotta focuses on how the way we think about charity is flawed.

Recommended by: Sarah Janeka, Director, Financial Opportunity
For: Adults

What are your favorite books, apps & shows to invest in during the summer? Let us know in the comments!


Original image from zetson via Flickr Creative Commons.


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