Making Austin greater – 2012 Employee Campaign

picture of Kevin from Webb Middle School

Leadership Makes Austin Greater

Kevin, Webb Middle School student

“I’m in the United Way Volunteer Project Leader program because I want to be a better person.

When I grow up I want to be a professional soccer player but I worry I won’t ever be able to. Lots of times, money is tough even though my mom works really hard. She motivates me because she works so hard – she’s my mom and my dad at the same time. People from UWATX and my school who care about me say I should stay in school because even though I don’t need math to play soccer, I’m still going to need it at some point. Thanks to the UWATX program, I’ve already done some volunteer projects and it made me feel really good because I could talk to the people that couldn’t speak English so it made me proud to be bilingual. ”


picture of Beth and Katelyn

Education Makes Austin Greater

Beth, mother of 4-year-old Katelyn

“My daughter is becoming more social and independent thanks to United Way’s Play To Learn project.

A few months ago, my mother passed away and I was having a difficult time finding a caretaker for my 4-year-old daughter Katelyn until I discovered United Way’s Play To Learn project. Since I do not have Internet access, the library is a home away from home for us, so it was incredibly convenient to find this service there. And this was so much more than childcare, it also allowed my daughter to maximize her full potential as an independent thinker and build relationships with other kids. United Way has given me a sense of security in my Greater Austin community by giving my daughter has the opportunity to learn.”
picture of savannah from heb

Opportunity Makes Austin Greater

Savannah, H-E-B Employee

“I didn’t know what a credit score was or how to check mine until I went to the United Way Learn Where You Earn financial education class.

After the class I checked my score and I couldn’t believe it—when I was 16 somebody stole my identity and got a mortgage in my name! Now my aunt is helping me unravel it all and fix everything. I’m really glad we caught it before it got any worse. I want the chance to build my own life—savings, a home, all those things—and thanks to the financial education I got because of United Way, I have a chance to do that.”

picture of valerie, webb middle school assistant principal

Inspiration Makes Austin Greater

Valerie, Webb Middle School Assistant Principal

“Last year my options for helping my students were so very limited. This year, with the support of Middle School Matters, I have quality services to offer my students and their families. Our students feel embraced by United Way and have been inspired to give back to their community in various ways.

Thank you for helping our campus and our students thrive!”


picture of larry from open door

Community Makes Austin Greater

Larry, Executive Director of Open Door

“Over several decades Open Door has developed a true partnership with United Way. Initially it felt more like a grantor/grantee relationship with United Way setting a lot of restrictions. But it has morphed into one where United Way is a change agent and our work is part of the change.

Open Door is a rarity in Austin in that our families reflect the entire community. Enter one of our classrooms and you may see a child whose parent is a professor or attorney engaged with a child who lives in foster care. United Way funding makes it possible for us to serve a significant number of low-income families. We believe that quality early quality education should not be reserved for those who can afford to pay for it out of their own pockets. United Way agrees.

The people at United Way are deep thinkers. United Way is much more than a fundraising organization (although it is that too).”


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