Meet Brandon Comisarenco: Giving Back to the City He Loves

Emerging Leaders is a group of tomorrow’s leaders supporting United Way for Greater Austin. Members have a passion for philanthropy, advocacy, volunteerism, and community. Through meaningful volunteer opportunities and networking events, members make connections with other local leaders who all believe that everyone deserves to enjoy the promise of Austin.

Brandon Comisarenco is committed to ensuring that Greater Austin is a community that works for everyone. And as a member of the Emerging Leaders Executive Committee and a supporter of United Way for Greater Austin, he is helping to make that possible! 

Learn more about why he joined United Way’s fight against poverty. 

What is your favorite thing about living in Austin? 

My favorite thing about living in Austin is how big of a city it’s gotten, but has still kept a small town feel. The people who live here truly make this city amazing. There’s a really strong sense of community in Austin. Everybody is so passionate about this city and are always looking for ways to improve it…It’s great to see a large portion of the population care so deeply about each other and doing everything they can to make sure this city is moving forward and progressing. 

Why does United Way for Greater Austin’s mission to fight poverty resonate with you personally? 

I’ve always had a passion and desire to help those around me. I think that starts with doing everything we can as a community to ensure equity and equality for as many people as possible. Growing up in a Hispanic household, I was raised on really strong family values. I was taught really early how important being a part of a community really is. I think that’s why United Way resonates with me. United Way is always looking for innovative ways to help the community — whether it’s through community service, fundraising, or any of the other methods United Way employs. It’s really exciting to be part of an organization that truly has the best interests of the community in mind. 

What is your favorite part about being a member (and on the Executive Committee!) of Emerging Leaders? 

My favorite part of being a member of Emerging Leaders is being surrounded by an incredible group of young professionals with similar goals, aspirations, and a real passion for the community. Austin, TX is known now, worldwide, for being such a great city and it’s really the people that make that happen. And I think Emerging Leaders is filled with so many individuals who care so deeply about this community, live a servant leadership lifestyle, and are always looking for ways to help others. 

Why should someone join Emerging Leaders? 

A lot of us live with this desire and passion to help others, but may not know where to start. Emerging Leaders is a great place to do that…We all love to help others, and love to be part of the community. And it’s a great way to network, meet others, and surround yourself with passionate, like-minded individuals. 

Brandon is just one of our community’s rising leaders who is helping spread the promise of Austin to all. Live United and join him! Learn more about becoming a member of Emerging Leaders today.

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