Meet Laura, a proud advocate dedicated to ending poverty in Austin

Women United educates, engages, and empowers women in Greater Austin. Each month we will spotlight and bring you a closer look into the lives of one of your fellow Women United Members. We are proud to celebrate women as philanthropic leaders and are honored to have so many amazing women in our community.

1.    What do you love about Austin?

I love our natural beauty. I love to see our community coming together to stand up against injustices and call out wrongdoing. I love seeing our community come together in peaceful protests and in support of those in need. I love feeling confident walking into any restaurant in this town and knowing you’re not going to be underdressed or overdressed, you’re going to fit in just as you are.  


2.    How did you become involved with United Way for Greater Austin/Women United?

When I first joined Mayor Adler’s administration, I attended the committee meetings the United Way convened focusing on the Pay For Success model for interventions supporting early childhood development and ending homelessness. I was impressed with the way they were able to gather many people and organizations focused on the same goal and help lead the group to get things done. I became more involved when a good friend, Kerry Tate, introduced me to David Smith, their new CEO. David has a passion and enthusiasm about him that draws you to help him achieve big audacious goals for our community.  

3.    As a Women United leader, what do you hope the group will accomplish over the next year?

I hope we will get the message out there that the United Way is here for our community in times of greatest need and will directly provide resources to our most vulnerable. Whether it’s the important work done at 2-1-1 or lifting up the good work done in schools across the city through their early childhood education program, there is much to talk about!

Laura is an extraordinary partner and thoughtful volunteer leader helping our team advance major United Way development efforts including serving as a co-chair for our inaugural A Night United gala. As our Women United co-chair, her vision, passion, and authentic connection will continue to inspire others to join United Way in our mission of fighting poverty.
-Michele Scherz, Senior Director of Donor Relations

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