Meet Laura Gentner: Living life with kindness, honesty, and support for the dignity of everyone

Women United is a diverse, vibrant donor network supporting United Way for Greater Austin. Members are committed to creating a powerful, female-driven philanthropic force to fight poverty in Greater Austin.

As one of this year’s Women United Co-Chairs, Laura Gentner is helping to create change in our community, so that everyone can share in the promise of Austin

“I Live United because we are living and experiencing this world together, so let’s do that with kindness, honesty, and support for the dignity of every person.” 

– Laura Gentner, Women United Co-Chair

Why does United Way’s mission to fight poverty resonate with you personally? 

Fighting poverty is an effort to change a person’s life cycle and what the next generation will inherit. It’s getting to the root of the poverty issues in our communities and creating solutions that have longevity. Growing up, we teetered on the poverty line, and I know how easily one can fall into a sudden, difficult place in life. I love that United Way is focused on finding solutions to such a complex challenge. It’s not easy, and the success isn’t immediate, but I’m glad United Way is front and center fighting for Greater Austin. 

What is your favorite part about being a member (co-chair!) of Women United?

Activism! We just had our first Women United meeting for 2021-22, and it’s very obvious these are women ready to make change and impact in our work for early childhood education and the fight against poverty. It’s my privilege to co-chair this year and help move Women United forward in our programming, community involvement and goal setting.

What are you most looking forward to this year with Women United?

I’m really looking forward to developing new and lasting ways to engage our Women United members and connect them with United Way community partners. We’re right in the middle of developing our strategies for meaningful connectivity with our members — which is an exciting task to me — and I can’t wait for us to start rolling out those initiatives soon.

Why should someone join Women United? 

This is a supportive, intelligent, and forward-thinking group of women who want to be part of breaking the cycle of poverty. There is a real want to make and see change. It’s why I joined almost four years ago. I wanted to be part of an organization that is leading this effort in valuable, tangible ways.

Laura is just one of nearly 200 Women United members who are committed to fighting poverty in Greater Austin. Join them and help build a brighter future of our community! 

Women United is open to everyone who identifies as a woman, including those who are trans and non-binary.

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