Meet Laura Hernandez Holmes: Fighting to build an Austin that works for everyone

Women United is a diverse, vibrant donor network supporting United Way for Greater Austin. Members are committed to creating a powerful, female-driven philanthropic force to fight poverty in Greater Austin.

Laura Hernandez Holmes is a strong believer that Greater Austin should be a community that works for everyone. And as Women United Co-Chair and a long-time supporter of United Way for Greater Austin, she is doing just that. Learn more about why she joined United Way’s fight against poverty. 

Why does United Way for Greater Austin’s mission to fight poverty resonate with you personally? 

United Way’s mission to fight poverty resonates with me personally, because the rising cost of housing, child care, transportation, and all that it takes to raise a family in Austin continues to grow every day. United Way is a pivotal partner in the fight against poverty and combating these rising costs for local families.

How can we build a better Austin that works for everyone?

We can build a better Austin that works for everyone by ensuring everyone has a seat at the table when addressing and combating our community’s growing challenges. 

 What is your favorite part about being a member (and the co-chair!) of Women United?

My favorite part about being a member of Women United is the opportunity to meet and work with so many diverse women from all walks of life — women who are passionate about making Austin a better place for everyone. We all have different stories and different reasons for being involved, but we share a common goal of wanting to do the work it takes to address our community’s growing challenges and make Austin a better place for all families. 

 Why should someone join Women United? 

I hope women will join Women United because they want to contribute to finding solutions to the most pressing challenges Austin families face every day, amplify proven solutions that address and combat generational poverty in Austin, and come together as a team to work United for those families with the greatest need.  

Laura is just one of 210 Women United members who are committed to fighting poverty in our community. Join them and help build a better Austin for ALL! 

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