Meet Newton Wong: A Personal Calling to Love

Newton Wong is a true United Way champion! As a co-chair of  Tocqueville United, he is following his personal calling to make sure that everyone in our community has the opportunity to thrive

“I Live United because I am called to love, and that means taking care and supporting my fellow brothers and sisters. While what I do may not be monumental, I believe that the collection of all of our little contributions makes a very large impact.”

Why does United Way’s mission to fight poverty resonate with you personally? 

I’ve had the opportunity to travel around quite a bit for work. The languages, the food, and the landscapes vary. However, poverty is a constant. Those of us who aren’t below the poverty line are fortunate. And we all have the ability to help… even if it’s a little. We may not be able to eradicate poverty in my lifetime, but we need to take steps towards changing the status quo.

How can we build a better Austin that works for everyone?

Austin is such a great city. Unfortunately, it’s not a great city for all. We have poverty. We have racial injustices. We have hate. To build a better Austin, we should each individually and collectively (through organizations like United Way) act to impact. How do we build a better Austin? Get all Austinites to take a step towards greatness — whether that be donating time and money, standing up for those who can’t, or hating less by loving more.

What is your favorite part about being a member (and co-chair!) of Tocqueville United?

My favorite part about being a member of Tocqueville United is being in the company of passionate people working to eradicate poverty. These folks donate so much time and money to this great cause. Their energy and attitudes are infectious!

 Why should someone join Tocqueville United? 

People should join Tocqueville United because it really does make an impact. The donations go straight to United Way’s mission. United Way, with Tocqueville United members’ support, executes a multi-faceted approach to fighting poverty —- early education, community connections, support for parents, 2-1-1 support, and partnering with other community organizations — just to name a few.

Tocqueville United is a group of our community’s civic and business leaders passionate about tackling our community’s most pressing challenges. Members shape our community by investing in the building blocks of opportunity for children and families in Greater Austin: education, health, and financial stability. 

To learn more or join, please contact Michele Scherz at or (512) 382-8607.

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