Meet Nico Ramsey, Emerging Leader & Philanthropy Champion

As an Emerging Leaders member, you’ll have opportunities to network and collaborate with a diverse group of influential business leaders all while making an impact. We are proud to celebrate young professionals as philanthropic leaders and are honored to have so many amazing individuals in our community
— like Nico Ramsey, an Emerging Leader, and all-around rockstar!

What do you love most about Austin?

The feature I love most about Austin is the abundance of young people and the room to grow.

As an Emerging Leaders Executive Committee member, what do you hope the group will accomplish in the next year?

My hope is that we cultivate a diverse group of people who genuinely care about systemically changing our community for the better.

What has been your favorite volunteer project with United Way?

My favorite volunteer opportunities are the seasonal days of caring because it brings so many first-timers out, it’s inspiring.


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