Moving nation from sick care toward wellness care

From a recent Associated Press article:

Popping a pill can cut your cholesterol. But did the doctor also prescribe cutting the stress that’s eroding your immune system? Or teach you how to exercise without worsening painful joints?

Think 3 Ps: Good health care is preventive, predictive and personalized, a rarity today in a crisis-oriented care system far better at treating disease than keeping it at bay. To help change that, one of the nation’s top medical groups starts a major push this week for what patients might call whole-body wellness care.

Here in Central Texas, we know that with a growing aging population (by 2040 those over 65 years of age will account for 27% of the population of Central Texas, compared to 11% in 2000 ), this type of approach to health care is especially important (for EVERYONE, since many of us will be part of the aging population by 2040).

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