Need Your Help – Austin 3rd Least Prepared City for Digital TV Conversion on June 12th

From Community Action Network‘s newsletter:
On Friday, June 12, 2009, all full-power television stations will cease “analog” transmissions and broadcast only a “digital” television signal. This affects all households that receive over-the-air television via rabbit ears or rooftop antenna.

Recent Nielsen statistics show that Austin is the third least prepared city in the nation. This means over 30,000 Central Texas households could be at risk to lose television reception. The risk is most concentrated in low-income, senior, and non-English-speaking households. This is a serious public safety matter. Television remains the most widely used resource for important news and information, such as current weather conditions.

You can help by informing the public of their options and the need to take action. Older televisions can receive digital signals with the addition of a low-cost digital converter box. Coupons are available from the federal government to offset most of the cost of the converter box. Click here for coupon information.

The City of Austin is sponsoring a free DTV Walk-In Help Clinic through June 12 at the DeWitty Job Training and Employment Center, 2209 Rosewood Avenue, Suite 210. Clinic hours and additional information are available here.

Additional resources to help people with the DTV transition:
– Information on the DTV transition:
– FCC hotline for questions & assistance: 1-888-225-5322
– Local Spanish-language assistance: 1-877-625-2591

For further information, please contact Chip Rosenthal at or 512-573-5174.

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