Nordstrom's managers take a Pie in the Face for the community

Nordstrom’s annual United Way Campaign Rally was this past Saturday—October 5th. Before the store opened, staff gathered to enjoy breakfast, music, presentations from local non profit leaders in our community, and lots of FUN!!

Nordstrom makes their community support efforts FUN by adding events like Denim Days (employees pay $5 to wear jeans/no tie to work along with a sticker showing their support of United Way), a silent auction, bake sales, and perhaps the most fun—a live Pie in the Face contest. Six managers put themselves on the line for charity as the entire staff gets to “bid” on the chance to watch a pie be thrown in the manager’s face.

This auction isn’t your typical auction….staff does not bid back and forth against each other to win the pie—instead, staff works together adding all bids to get a total “price” that they will pay to watch the pie be thrown. Managers have the option to buy themselves out if the price is right (therefore encouraging more people to bid in the first place and provide more support for our community)

This year’s pie in the face contest was the most exciting yet — it raised almost $2,000!! Many pies were thrown and laughter and applause filled the store as Nordstrom rallied behind our community. (For the right price, Cara agreed to take off her plastic poncho and take 2 pies at a time!! She raised an all-time high for most $$ raised for one manager.)

Managers who sacrificed themselves this year are: Beth Adame, Whitney Hauser, Nancy Khashou, Cody Cooper, Cara Mahan, and Angelia Ibarra.


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