October Face-2-Face Recap with Joel Trammell

Photo Credit: Austin Business Journal

The Austin Business Journal’s monthly Face-2-Face speaker series featured Joel Trammell, CEO of Khorus, entrepreneur and author. Khorus provides a business management system and Trammell has 20 years experience in IT-related software companies. He is also co-founder of Lone Rock Technology Group and chair emeritus of Austin Technology Council, along with serving on multiple boards of non- and for-profit companies.

Trammell started his first business, a white box PC business, at age 25 after exiting the Naval Nuclear Power School. He began multiple companies before selling them for profits. He says after he sells a business, he goes crazy for about six months because he needs a purpose in life. “What’s for lunch isn’t a purpose in life.”

Trammell also discussed his failures. He invested in a business outside his expertise and realized that when investing in something, you need to be personally involved. He believes that in order for people to follow him or any leader, they need to focus on portraying the three C’s: credible, competence and care.

His current company, Khorus, is two years old and attempts to help CEOs with software enterprise leadership platforms. He sees it as a way to run an organization that promotes health and well-being. Trammell emphasized that he is “big on partnerships” because there is a better chance at success with a partner than going at something alone.

Joel Trammell gives advice on his blog, The American CEO, and also wrote a book, The CEO Tightrope, which gives advice to leaders.

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