Partner Profile: Boys and Girls Clubs of the Austin Area

Name: Boys and Girls Club

Partner for: 40 years

Partner with: Target Graduation


Our relationship:

Long-time partnership

For 40 years, United Way of Greater Austin (UWATX) has partnered with the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Austin Area. Due to their expertise in out-of-school time programs, the Boys and Girls Clubs are an extremely valuable member of UWATX’s  Youth Program Quality Initiative subcommittee. Currently, a number of assessors and trainers dedicate time to plan and implement the cycle of improvement.

Sharing knowledge and experience

In Fall 2012, UWATX will release an Out-of-School (OST) Time Agenda, a detailed plan with buy-in from local stakeholders to create and improve the OST system in Central Texas. Without valuable partners like the Boys and Girls Clubs offering guidance and knowledge, this Agenda wouldn’t be as comprehensive.

What we’ve accomplished:

Through this partnership, the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Austin Area and UWATX are providing Central Texas youth with higher-quality OST time activities and programs.  With their support, YPQ was able to provide trainings to 388 youth workers and assess the quality of 78 out of school time programs.

How Boys and Girls Club makes Austin greater:

“The Boys and Girls of the Austin Area understand the importance of quality out-of-school time – they’re experts in this field.  They’re a long-time partner who are actively involved and willing to share their expertise.” – Laura LaFuente, Director, Target Graduation

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