Partner Profile: Faith Presbyterian Child Development Center

Name: Faith Presbyterian Child Development Center

Partner for: 5 years

Partner with: Success By 6

Our relationship:

Funding programs to maintain quality care

Faith Presbyterian Child Development Center (Faith Presbyterian) has been a UWATX grantee for five years. Thanks to that support, they have been able to increase the number of low-income children that participate in their high-quality program.

Participating in innovative partnerships

Thanks to their relationship with UWATX, Faith Presbyterian can take part in Success By 6’s White Glove Health project, where provides free health care services on-site to staff and the children and families they serve. To date, nearly 200 families, children and staff members have registered for this service through the SB6 project.

Planning for the future of our youngest children

Faith Presbyterian leadership have taken an active role in the School Readiness Action Plan, a project led by UWATX Success By 6 to increase the percent of children who are school ready to 70 percent by 2015.


What we’ve accomplished:

Together, Faith Presbyterian and UWATX have helped more than 150 children receive high-quality child care. Through their relationship with UWATX, Faith Presbyterian has also maintained the NAEYC accreditation- the gold standard for early education programs.

How Faith Presbyterian Child Development Center makes Austin greater:

“Faith Presbyterian is a sensitive program that addresses all needs of a family or child- and they will do whatever it takes to provide support. The program director is always willing to lend a hand to other center directors in the SB6 family – and her generous advice and support makes our whole community stronger.”

– Sue Carpenter, Senior Director, Success By 6


From Faith Presbyterian:

“Without funding from United Way for Greater Austin, our center would not be able to stay open.  This funding helps to support professional training for our staff and helps us keep the classroom size and teacher/child ratios low so that the children can receive the quality care they deserve. We also enjoy opportunities to collaborate with other nonprofits that share the same depth of commitment to providing quality care for the children of Austin.”

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