Partner Profile: Farmers Insurance Group

Name: Farmers Insurance Group


Partner for: 15 years


Partner for: Employee Campaign


Our relationship: Involving leadership to make a greater impact

Farmers Insurance Group has supported United Way for Greater Austin for nearly 15 years, but has really ramped up their Employee Campaign in the past five.

This year, as part of the 2013 Insurance Industry Challenge, Farmers took their involvement with UWATX to a whole new level.

Vice President Jim Snikeris helped make this happen by inviting UWATX staff to  speak with employees and share the UWATX mission. UWATX Vice President of Resource Development Debbie McGee and Director of Business Development Beth Krueger also spoke at Farmers leadership meetings. The campaign wouldn’t have been such a huge success without Employee Campaign Leaders Brittany Ilse and Pana Redd, who helped facilitate over 15 Employee Campaign meetings!

During the campaign, Farmers set up a table onsite sporting UWATX items including water bottles, pens, and of course pledge forms. Service Point Director Garth Davis encouraged giving by spending time at the table on the company’s first day of campaign, and by being one of the first people to give. He was also one of the first employees to contribute to the Makes Austin Greater wall on display during Employee Campaign – donors wrote their names on Makes Austin Greater stickers, creating a colorful philanthropy wall!

Farmers employs best practices:

  • Running a UWATX Branded Campaign
  • Connecting with UWATX outside of Campaign
  • Working to engage HOCT in upcoming volunteer efforts for 2014
  • Providing detailed donor information during and after campaign
  • Identifying  a company leader to serve as ECL and forming a campaign team for support
  • Senior Officer involvement/Senior Leadership involvement
  • Inviting UWATX representatives to engage with employees through brief employee meetings

What we’ve accomplished together:

During its 2013 Employee Campaign, Farmers invited UWATX to speak with employees on 14 different occasions, reaching over 600 employees, which helped account for the company’s 19 percent increase in giving this year!

In addition to this great participation in Employee Campaign, Farmers also participated in the 2013 Insurance Industry Challenge, which raised over $335,000!

We are looking forward to expanding our relationship with Farmers – they are looking to become even more involved with the Austin community through Hands On Central Texas in 2014!

Farmers Insurance Group makes Austin greater

“Farmers has a rich history of giving back to the communities we serve. We are in the business of helping people feel secure and restoring their lives to order when that security is shaken – and that extends to our community involvement.” -Sarah Sherman, Farmers Insurance Group

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