Partner Profile: Foundation Communities

Name: Foundation Communities

Partner for: 5+ years

Partner with: Financial Opportunity


Our relationship:

Since 2005 Foundation Communities has provided free tax preparation assistance for Central Texas families, enabling them to claim tax credits and refunds they’ve earned without paying high fees to commercial tax preparers. For several years, United Way for Greater Austin has helped fund Foundation Communities to specifically support their Community Tax Centers. Additionally, our Navigation Center provides eligibility screenings and referrals for the tax preparation assistance program.

What we’ve accomplished:

In 2012, with the help of UWATX, Foundation Communities was able to secure 11 million dollars in Earned Income Tax Credits for low-income families and individuals as well as $29 million in tax refunds.

How Foundation Communities makes Austin greater:

“Foundation Communities is committed to the financial wellness of Austin residents – making it possible for more Austinites to overcome barriers to economic opportunities.” – Sarah Janecka, Director, Financial Opportunity.

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