Partner Profile: Nordstrom

Name: Nordstrom 

Partner for: 10 years locally

Partner for: Employee Campaign, Hands On Central Texas


Our relationship:

Volunteering as a way to connect to the community

Last year, Nordstrom participated in two additional volunteer projects. They went to Webb Middle School, one of the sites for UWATX’s Middle School Matters program, to aid teachers in preparing fun and engaging math games. They were so inspired that they even found a way to donate glasses to a girl who needed them. Volunteering helps Nordstrom connect to the community and see the value of their philanthropy.


Continuing the fun of Employee Campaign all-year

To keep connect employees to philanthropy throughout the year, Nordstrom has special events on top of their volunteering activities. Jeans Day events, which start in July, allow employees to donate and have the opportunity to wear jeans to work as an incentive. Fun activities like this keep the spirit of Employee Campaign year-round.


Nordstrom employs best practices:

  • Providing donor-specific information to UWATX
  • Inviting UWATX to speak at meetings
  • Running a UWATX campaign
  • Creating an Employee Campaign Team
  • Engaging with UWATX outside of campaign


What we’ve accomplished together:

A campaign increase of over $13,000 in the past 3 years, while employee count has stayed relatively the same.

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