Partner Profile: Texas Gas Service

Name: Texas Gas Service

Partner for: 10 years

Partner for: Employee Campaign, Hands On Central Texas

Our relationship:

Serving customers and the community

Texas Gas is dedicated to providing top-quality service. This keen focus extend to their work in the community, where the company is committed to providing an engaging experience for employees and employees are committed to serving the community as well as they serve their customers. In the past five years, that’s meant including more UWATX speakers at meetings and directing all dollars to make the most impact through United Way.


Growing philanthropists in innovative ways

Through their Employee Campaign, Texas Gas provides innovative ways for any employee to find their own way to give back. Employees can make items for their raffle, including everything from wrought iron grills to breakfast tacos, go bowling or golfing or even donate to get their manager to karaoke. Alongside all these fun activities, Texas Gas maintains focus on their goal: for employees to give through payroll deduction, often the easiest way to make a big impact without hurting your budget.


Texas Gas employs best practices:

  • Inviting UWATX to speak at meetings
  • Running a UWATX campaign
  • Creating an Employee Campaign Team
  • Engaging with UWATX outside of campaign


What we’ve accomplished together:

In the past three years, Texas Gas has grown their employee giving by more than $30,000, an almost 25 percent increase!


How Texas Gas makes Austin greater:

“Texas Gas is dedicated to making sure there’s something for everyone in their Employee Campaign- they are incredibly inclusive. They give back so extensively and I think it comes back to their core values as a company, it’s all about service for them: to their customers, their employees and to the community.” – Sherry Mauch, Development Officer at United Way for Greater Austin

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