Partner Profile: Workforce Solutions

Name: Workforce Solutions

Partner for: 7+ years

Partner with: Success By 6


Our relationship:

Implementing proven solutions in Central Texas

In 2009, UWATX arranged for local experts to attend a proven training  program in Chicago and then worked with a variety of funders to implement the program locally through Workforce Solutions. Since then, more than 50 directors have completed the 100 hour program, earning up to 12 credit hours in child care administration and measurably improving the quality of care.

Improving child care centers

UWATX and Workforce Solutions have partnered to improve the quality of care for our youngest community members. With UWATX funding and planning support, , Workforce Solutions employs experts who help child care center directors improve their programs through one-on-one mentoring and coaching. Workforce staff members have attended UWATX trainings that focus on skills-based, respectful approaches to working with families and young children.

Leading the early childhood community

Workforce Solutions joins other local leaders in working on the School Readiness Action Plan, a UWATX project which has set out to increase the percent of children who enter school ready to learn to 70 percent by 2015. Workforce Solutions also facilitates the Quality Child Care Collaborative, which UWATX funds and where SB6 staff serves on the leadership team.


What we’ve accomplished:

By working together on joint goals, we have increased the percentage of centers serving low-income communities who meet state quality standards from 18 percent to 62 percent. Today, nearly 1,300 3- to 5-year olds are enrolled in centers participating in quality programs supported by this partnership.


How Workforce Solutions makes Austin greater:

“Workforce Solutions understands the importance of early childhood education in the overall school-to-work pipeline.  They truly support collaboration and innovation – and have become a model for early education services statewide.” – Sue Carpenter, Senior Director, Success By 6


From Workforce Solutions:

“Workforce Solutions Capital Area has partnered with Success by Six since 2006, and is a Community Investment grantee. Success by Six is invaluable in coordinating our early childhood community partners.  We collaborate with SB6 and other partners to define common goals for affordability, accessibility and availability of high quality child care for Austin’s most vulnerable children. Community stakeholder meetings can generate great ideas, and SB6 engages community partners to translate those ideas into actionable plans. By engaging multiple agencies and stakeholders in collaborative planning, SB6 is instrumental in facilitating systems-level change in our early childhood community.”

– Tiffany Daniels, Communications Director, Workforce Solutions Capital Area

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