Partner Spotlight: JE Dunn Construction

JE Dunn Construction not only helped sponsor our Spring Day of Caring this year; employees also volunteered at El Buen Pastor Early Child Development Center by working on some much needed renovations and improvements.

For the past year, JE Dunn has worked with United Way for Greater Austin to ensure that early childhood education centers are safe and up to date. JE Dunn Construction compiled an assessment team that visits centers and looks at structure, the rooms, mechanics, plumbing and electrical to make sure they are safe, in good repair and up to code. Once the assessment is complete, they provide UWATX and the center with a detailed assessment report which includes any issues, materials needed, and the approximate cost to fix.

So far, they have assessed three early care and education centers in the Success By 6 Center Project and will continue to conduct assessments over the next months. Not only has JE Dunn taken the time to assess various centers, but also provided the labor and materials which many of these centers would not be able to afford otherwise. Because of cuts in state funding, toddler and infant funding has dropped to the 50th percentile. This decision puts providers in the difficult position of having to choose between investing in center services or in serving low-income families.

Ayesha White, one of our SB6 Vistas, spoke to some of JE Dunn’s employees during SDOC about why they give back.

Why is JE Dunn providing renovations for child care centers in the greater Austin Area?

“JE Dunn is part of the community. United Way and these child care centers support the community, and this is how we are able to give back. Environment is part of the learning experience, and for this reason it has to be held to a higher standard. These facilities will help prepare these children for the rest of their lives. Better facilities make for better experiences.” – Steve Welton, Vice President / Group Manager at JE Dunn Construction

Why is the work that JE Dunn has provided important?

“These facilities cannot afford high quality renovations; it really is overwhelming. Having a quality center give these kids a stronger community connection and it solidifies the idea that they are family. Most companies only help out in order to receive recognition; however they (JE Dunn) understand that this is for the kids.” – Alma Lyra, Executive Director at El Buen Pastor Early CDC

Why have you volunteered your time to help these centers?

“We have a certain set of skills that other don’t have, so this is how we give back.” – Jake Eckard, Project Engineer at JE Dunn Construction

“Working for JE Dunn in itself is a blessing. I like to give back and JE Dunn encourages me to help out.” – Jose Bargas, Field Superintendent at JE Dunn Construction

JE Dunn Construction will continue to work with UWATX in order to make sure early care and education centers are safe, so that children around Austin can benefit from caring and stimulating environment. 

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