Pre-K Advocacy efforts are paying off!

We just received some wonderful news from our friends at TECEC:

Your hard work has paid off. Yesterday at 11:50 PM, the Texas Senate approved HB 130, 26-5, meaning that full-day high-quality pre-k has officially passed the 81st Texas Legislature! We only have one more step to go. Now it must clear Governor Rick Perry’s desk before it becomes law. The Governor has until June 21, 2009 to veto or sign a bill into law. It is important that we act now to get the message to the Governor that high-quality pre-k is important to Texans.

Only an organized and loud message to the Governor can ensure that HB 130 successfully passes the Governor’s desk. Please take a few moments to send him a message today!

Click here to send the Governor this important message.

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