WLC Spotlight: Daniela Knight

With Parents’ Day 2014 just around the corner, it is UWATX’s pleasure to introduce Daniela Knight, mother of two, Registered Dietician, and recent inductee and executive committee member of Women’s Leadership Council (WLC).

Daniela served as a Board Member of Austin NCL in addition to owning Austin Nutritional Education where she provided her expertise on diabetes control, weight loss and healthy eating habits. She also impacted the community through her outstanding work as a Senior Health Educator with The Austin Diagnostic Clinic and as a Clinical Dietician with the Round Rock Hospital.

Daniela is excited to be a part of WLC, the most powerful, female-driven philanthropic force for improving early childhood education in Central Texas.

For Daniela, being part of WLC is a chance to “get more invested in the community and connect with a diverse group of successful women” 

Based on her personal experience as a parent, Daniela has seen first-hand how education and stimulation at a young age can positively impact a child’s success later in life. She views her involvement with WLC as a chance to become even more invested in the community and connect with a diverse group of successful women as powerful force for change.

In the past, Daniela and her family were able to contribute to the community through activities with Girl Scouts, Booster Clubs and National Charity League. As her youngest child prepares to graduate from high school, Daniela is exploring new ways of giving back through WLC.

Daniela hopes to utilize her public speaking and organizational skills in addition to her background in nutrition to help support early childhood development and help Austin thrive. She currently volunteers at Westlake High School as the secretary of the Parent’s Association and esteemed member of the Guidance Committee.

When asked if her daughter has played a role in motivating her philanthropic efforts, Daniela said, “I think it is important for her to see me give back to our community. Hopefully, I have served as a role model for her giving.“

Research has shown that volunteering as a family provides and passes on family values to children. Additionally, individuals who volunteered as a child or who observed their parents volunteering have a much higher probability of being a volunteer in their adult years.

Wanna get involved in WLC? Get more information or donate now to support Austin’s most vulnerable children. 

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