Public Innovators Lab II: Hope

Today we began to scratch the surface. We started to dig into perceptions of our communities, whether it’s the Eastside or Central Texas. What we found is that the perceptions where all based on individual experiences, where we live and how well we’re connected to the community and what we’re exposed to in the community. I for one, feel we have a long way to go: We don’t have broad, diverse and deep leadership; we have tattered networks, we are isolated (East vs. West/I-35 Railroad Tracks), nonprofit organizations are stuck in old patterns, still consider themselves charities as opposed to social entrepreneurs and don’t get me started on the divisiveness of the sector. With that said, I still have hope for our community! I do see the light at the end of the tunnel. I have hope because I see it in Public Innovators, in Volunteer Project Leaders, in everyday volunteers and community members; the willingness to help people and change our community’s conditions. They remind me how small acts of goodness can create the change we need in our community.

Now, let’s work on doubling, tripling, quatripaling these acts of goodness!

Public Innovators: Amanda Chiampi & Pflugerville’s own Rod Reyna!

Will you “be the change?” Tell us how!!!!

Director, Hands On Central Texas

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