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So many of our neighbors are working hard, but struggling to make ends meet; having to choose between paying for food, rent, gas, or medicine for their children. Inequitable systems make it nearly impossible for families to break out of the cycle of poverty. But, the collective generosity, love, and compassion of caring people like YOU is making an impact, changing these systems and improving the lives of local children and families. 

Together with generous neighbors like you, here are some of the things we accomplished in the past year across the Central Texas region, including Travis and Williamson counties.

  • $15,470,491 invested directly into our community
  • 91,874 children and individuals impacted through our strategic work in education, health, and financial stability
  • 301,831 requests for help answered through our Navigation Center

These are more than just numbers; these are lives forever changed.

Two photos. First photo mom holding 3 triplet premature infants on her chest. Second photo triplet toddlers wearing white dress

Amina immigrated to Austin from the Congo, and – less than 24 hours later – she gave birth to premature triplets. Alone in a new country, she didn’t know where to turn. She searched high and low for her village.

Thankfully, Amina was connected to incredible community resources, funded by United Way, that helped her find housing, navigate the confusing social services system, and enroll in school. United Way had created that village of support Amina so desperately needed.

Amina is now working as an Accountant Technician, and furthering her education at Austin Community College. Her triplets, Divine, Gift, and Testimony, are now five and though they are too young to understand how much their mom has fought and sacrificed for them, their lives are forever changed. Read more of Amina’s story.

Thank you for proving what is possible when we Live United! Learn more about how you can giveadvocate, and volunteer to continue to make a real impact in the lives of local children and families.

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