Now that’s service: 60K State employees engage in philanthropy!

“I love  that monthly payroll deductions allow me to easily budget my charitable giving for the year. I can always give more outside of SECC if I wish to, but can still feel confident I’m doing my small part to make Austin and the world a little bit better.” – Mark Moore, Texas Real Estate Commission 

As part of our work to build philanthropy in Austin, we are privileged to serve as the Employee Giving Campaign manager for the State campaign. We work with  60 thousand State employees in Greater Austin to invest in our community. 

This past year, State employees in the Greater Austin area invested $2.1 million in their community through the annual State Employee Charitable Campaign (SECC), making 2013 the seventh consecutive year they have given more than $2 million. 

“SECC is an easy and effective way to help state employees connect to nonprofits working on important issues that they care about,” said Janette Gibreal, Chair of the Capital Area SECC Local Employee Committee. “Through personal contributions, state employees can continue the wonderful work they do every day by investing in charities that are working hard to make Texas a great place to live and work.”

Each year, we’re happy to celebrate the success of these amazing givers by recognizing agencies with outstanding results:

State Agencies that made Austin greater in 2013: 

Highest Per Capita Giving - SECCHighest Per Capita Gift 

  • 1,500 and more employees – Comptroller of Public Accounts ($49.47)
  • 500-1,500 employees – Teacher Retirement System ($223.97) – The Teacher Retirement System increased their per capita gift from $185 to $223, strengthening this already great campaign!
  • 300-499 employees – UT System Administration ($149.10)
  • 201-299 employees – Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board ($151.10)
  • 101-200 employees – Texas Real Estate Commission ($162.71)
  • 51-100 employees – Office of Court Administration ($228.19)
  • 26-50 employees – Texas Board of Professional Engineers ($74.67)
  • 1-25 employees – Office of Capital Writs ($177.00)

Highest Percent Participation

  • 1,500 and more employees- Texas Department of Public Safety (18 percent)
  • 500-1,500 employees – General Land Office (100 percent) – The General Land Office has 531 employees and was able to achieve a 100 percent participation rate for the second year in a row! 
  • 300-499 employees – Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation (62 percent)
  • 201-299 employees – Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (78 percent)
  • 101-200 employees – Texas Medical Board (94 percent)
  • 51-100 employees – Board of Nursing (90 percent)
  • 26-50 employees – Soil & Water Conservation Board (47 percent)
  • 1-25 employees – Office of Capital Writs (100 percent)

Rising Star: Most Improved Campaign

“It’s the  interaction with my co-workers that I enjoy most.  Many of them I rarely see or communicate with outside of the 2  month campaign.” – Doug Sibert, Railroad Commission of Texas

  • 1,500 and more employees – Texas State University (95 percent increase )
  • 500-1,500 employees – Texas Juvenile Justice Department (30 percent increase)
  • 300-499 employees – Texas Veterans Commission (51 percent increase)
  • 201-299 employees – Texas Facilities Commission (34 percent increase)
  • 101-200 employees – Texas Real Estate Commission (68 percent increase) – Texas Real Estate Commission employees contributed $16,596, a 68 percent increase from 2012!
  • 51-100 employees – Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner (477 percent increase)
  • 26-50 employees – Texas State Board of Public Accountancy (160 percent increase)
  • 1-25 employees – Board of Plumbing Examiners (131 percent increase)

We thank these wonderful public servants, not only for their generous philanthropy, but also for the work they do every day to make Austin, Texas, the U.S., and our world greater!  They are answering the call of President Kennedy who challenged all Americans to, “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.”

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