Si Se Puede!

Today I had lunch with fellow Public Innovator & Pf’s one and only Rod Reyna, at one of my new favorite taco spots. We were discussing the morning excitement – our Hispanic Community Enagement Initiative, Austin City Council meeting and press conference and the newly approved City of Austin Hispanic Quality of Life Initiative! We were both very excited about the opportunities this is going to bring to the Hispanic and Latino community as well as other segments of the community. I was telling him that we all need our day in the sun and today, we got it! Now it’s up to us to do something with it. We need to step up and lead, take action, do what we can to bring about community change, not only for our people but for everyone in the community.

We came away from our lunch with full bellies, the ganas to make things happen and create change in our communities – for Rod, doing it Pf style and for me, engaging 100,000 people in community change.

Check out the links for the Hispanic Quality of Life coverage….

Hispanic Quality of Life Press Conference – May 8, 2008

Director, Hands On Central Texas

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