Spotlight: Claudia Franco

Meet Claudia Franco, the newest addition to our employee campaign team as the Corporate Relations Coordinator. Although she is new to the campaign team, she is not new to UWATX–she served as a Bilingual Navigation Specialist for one year, helping connect Hispanic Austinites in need to heath and human services.

What is your background, both in the community and professionally, prior to working with United Way?

I am originally from Lima, Peru. I moved to the United States when I was 11 years old. I graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in the McCombs School of Business, where I studied marketing and Spanish literature. Before working at UWATX, I worked at Austin Community College as a technical lab assistant and interned at KIS as a marketing designer.

What drew you to UWATX and made you feel that it was the right fit for you?

I always wanted to make an impact in someone’s life. After graduating from McCombs, I interned at KIS and it made me realize that the way to make a greater impact was by giving back to my community. After meeting with Pedro (Navigation Manager at UWATX), I was surprised on the ways UWATX has changed the lives of many people, and there was no doubt that I belonged here.

How do you see your role at UWATX, and what do you hope to accomplish in this job?

I would like to increase donations by engaging the Hispanic community. I want the Hispanic community to able to go online, understand our brochures and be a part of our mission. I translate any document that needs be translated and also open the doors for employee campaign meetings to be in Spanish.

Being offered the Corporate Relations Coordinator position was my most memorable moment at UWATX. I knew the moment that I accepted that my life was going to change. Being able to transmit our message and changing lives in our community is a dream made true!

What makes Austin greater?

The diversity of people, music, food and culture!

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