Success By 6 supports healthy children and families


Total value of WhiteGlove Health services provided through partnership with UWATX

United Way for Greater Austin’s Success By 6 program has helped more than 240 children, parents and early childhood educators receive more than $41,000 of medical care over the past year, thanks to a generous partnership with WhiteGlove Health.

Five child care centers have taken advantage of the on-site low- or no-cost services for staff and clients, including free flu shots. The project is designed to reduce barriers, including time and transportation, so families can more easily obtain quality health care.

“Families that might otherwise not have the resources to obtain medical help are not only receiving high quality care but in a timely manner,” said Anthony Pyatt, Administrative Director at Mainspring School.

According to UWATX research released in August, only 54.8% of child care centers provide full or partially paid insurance for employees. The partnership with WhiteGlove Health helps fill the health care gap for many teachers. Teachers are now able to be treated immediately at their home or on-site reducing their need to find substitutes due to illness.

“We are proud to partner with WhiteGlove Health on this initiative – it’s an innovative way for a company to use their business model to serve the community, truly a win-win,” said Sue Carpenter, Sr. Director of Success By 6. “Thanks to our work together, we are bringing valuable health services to young children, their teachers and their parents.”

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