Tell us about your Thanksgiving Volunteer Traditions!

As we get ready for today’s 18th Annual HEB Feast of Sharing Holiday Dinner, I keep thinking about the volunteers; over 800 of them and they keep coming back and of course, we love that. We’ve been recruiting volunteers for this event for years and every year, we get full within weeks and we even have people wanting to be added to our waiting list as early as March!

Every year, we see a lot of the same groups coming back to volunteer and in a way, it’s now a tradition for our volunteers to help out; from serving pies to busing tables to helping in the kids area.

So what about you? Do you have Thanksgiving or Holiday volunteer traditions? Something that you do with your friends and families during the holidays?

Inquiring minds want to know: Tell us your story!

In case you’re still wondering, yes, we are full but we have more ways to help out this holiday season. Go to to volunteer, sponsor a family or help out with a blanket drive.

Director, Hands On Central Texas

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