Chuck Cohn, Angels Care & Learning Center

I will close with a short story about a young boy named Luke who attended Angels Care & Learning Center for several years. Luke’s family did not have the financial resources to pay for quality childcare, but were lucky enough to qualify for a subsidy from the Texas Workforce Commission (federal dollars). While Luke attended our center, his Mom was able to complete her nursing degree and ultimately become a Registered Nurse. Luke’s Mom has a high-paying job as a Nurse and is currently on the front lines in our local healthcare system. Luke’s Mom was able to move off of the government subsidy and was able to afford to pay our non-subsidized tuition rates. Meanwhile, Luke graduated from Angels Care & Learning Center and by all reports is ahead of his peers in the public school system. Thank you for considering item 62, which can greatly help families like Luke’s and will economically empower all Austinites, regardless of socioeconomic background.

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