Thank you 3M!

Winner of United Way’s 2007 Gifts In Kind Corporate Challenge…

I want to personally express my sincere appreciation to Russell Bridges for securing 3M donations totaling over $592,000 to United Way’s Gifts In Kind Program.

Russell is an outstanding community affairs executive who goes above and beyond and exemplifies the true potential of an individual who makes a difference in the community.

3M’s recent contribution will allow the Resource Center staff to distribute in-kind goods to nonprofit organizations to help more people in Central Texas.

Check out the video and pictures of Russell Bridges and a team of 3M employees helping clean and stock the shelves at the Resource Center with boxes of post-it notes, flip charts, flag highlighter pens, desk lamps and many other miscellaneous office products.

See the current agencies wish list below!

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Diana Santos
Corporate and Volunteer Relations Director
Hands On Central Texas

Gifts In-Kind Wishlist
The Resource Center can always use more. Here is a list of the most recent “Wish List” items:

  • The Austin State School – Volunteer Services Council is seeking new books to create a library to improve the quality of life for the residents. Call 512-374-6070
  • American Red Cross of Central Texas needs new blankets (any size) to assist individuals in need of emergency care. Call 512-929-1251
  • The Austin Academy is in need of twenty bus passes to give to students who have no transportation. Call 512-326-8655
  • The Theatre Action Project is seeking 2 laptop computers to promote and create socially relevant interactive theatre. Call 512-442-8773
  • Bastrop County Emergency Food Pantry is in need of 2 workstations so that staff can continue to serve people in Bastrop with basic hunger related services. Call 512-303-0033
  • Boys and Girls Clubs of South Central Texas are in need of 20 basic calculators to help enable young people to realize their full potential as productive and caring citizens. Call 512-805-3000
  • The United Way Resource Center is in need of blue and black ink pens to distribute to over 70 local area nonprofit organizations throughout central Texas. Call 512-225-0367
  • Foundation for the Homeless needs new glasses, pots and pans, and silverware to assist individuals in transition from homelessness to independent living. Call 512-453-6570
  • Framework Community Development Corporation need desk and wall calendars along with Certificate paper to help expand opportunities for low income families to obtain affordable housing. Call 512-385-1500
  • The Literacy Coalition of Central Texas is in need of one business size copier to support and expand their literacy services. Call 512-320-4505
  • The Wright House Wellness Center is seeking White Noise machines for sessions with people living or at risk of contracting chronic illnesses. Call512-467-0088
  • VSA Arts of Texas is in need of Bilingual children’s books and music cd’s for children with disabilities. Call 512-454-9912

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