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Our amazing Corporate Partners play one of the most important roles in making our work possible. From donating their money to volunteering their time, the companies we work with demonstrate our shared belief that giving back is good business. 


For nearly 30 years NXP Semiconductors has been the Presenting Sponsor for our annual Spring Day of Caring. United Way Spring Day of Caring is a community-wide service day that addresses critical needs at various partner organizations and nonprofits through meaningful volunteer action. Volunteers from across our city come together to get to know our community while sharing their time and talents and NXP helps make this possible.


Read below to hear straight from NXP’s heart and learn just how much they prioritize giving back to our community.


Q&A with Kristen Day,
Community Relations & Inclusion at NXP Semiconductors


Q: Why is volunteering important to NXP?

A: Volunteerism is a longstanding tradition with NXP because we understand the importance of giving back to the communities in which we live and work. NXP is committed to being a leader in corporate citizenship by partnering with community organizations that make a positive impact and promote employee volunteerism. NXP is also proud to offer our employees paid time off to volunteer at any company-sponsored event in the community.


Q: What inspires you to volunteer?

A: I choose to volunteer for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, it is the right thing to do.  We should all feel an obligation to give back to the communities where we work and live. I also believe that volunteering has amazing psychological benefits.  This may sound a bit self-serving but the act of helping someone else improves my own level of happiness. The joy is contagious, and it inspires me to get others involved as well.  My parents began instilling the importance of volunteering at an early age. I believe it is vital for our children to see firsthand how much of an impact even the smallest charitable act can have on someone’s life.  In this busy day and age, it has become increasingly hard to find the time for volunteerism but as Elizabeth Andrew notes, “Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.”


Q: How has volunteerism enhanced the experience of working at NXP?

A: We have created a culture of volunteerism at NXP and this has undoubtedly enhanced our overall company culture. Our employees feel a sense of camaraderie when they come together to volunteer.  They have a chance to become exposed to new communities, foster peer relationships, and feel the pride that comes from volunteering as a team.  I believe our Austin team’s favorite volunteer experience is participating in the United Way Spring and Fall Days of Caring.  We truly appreciate the tradition of coming together to serve so many worthwhile organizations in the greater Austin area.


Q: Why is United Way’s mission of ending poverty important to you?

A: Many people are not aware of how many Americans are affected by poverty. It is even more distressing to consider the number of children living below the poverty line.  When basic needs cannot be met, how can we expect these children to succeed?  I believe United Way’s focus on the root causes of poverty (financial stability, health, and education) is key to addressing this crisis.


Q: What is your favorite memory involving volunteering?

A: One of my favorite volunteer memories is working at Garza High School during the United Way Spring Day of Caring. I had the privilege of working with some high school students to discuss career planning and resume building. I entered the school with some biased assumptions about the students.  I knew Garza High School was considered an “alternative school option” so I expected this to be a very challenging experience.  However, my assumptions were completely wrong.  I met some amazing teenagers, each with their own interesting story and journey.  They were following a non-traditional path, but it was working so incredibly well for them! Not only was I able to learn about the school’s effective method of teaching, but I also became reminded of the importance not to pre-judge those we are serving.  I felt like I was the one who received the greatest benefit from the volunteer experience and it is one I will never forget.


“Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.” -Elizabeth Andrews


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