Three years at once: the Employee Campaign story

We work with 400+ companies locally to run Employee Giving Campaigns – giving their employees the opportunity to invest a portion of every paycheck in our community. But with different schedules, fiscal years and payroll cycles for each company, it can get pretty complicated, which means our team stays on top of three years at a time.

We support these kooky schedules because we believe any one who makes a paycheck in our community should have the opportunity to give back, so we’ve developed processes to adapt to any company’s needs. Here’s how:


Every step of the process is completely flexible depending on the company’s needs, but here are a couple of common examples:

Example 1:

Employee Campaign Year - Example 2

Company A wants to run their campaign in July. They prefer  paper pledge forms because their employees are not often in front of a computer and, because they have branches across the state, want to enter their giving information themselves. After that process, they’ll their giving to our team by the end of November, but payroll deductions won’t begin until January, meaning their monthly payments to UWATX start in the new calendar year.

Example 2:

Employee Campaign "Year" - Example 1

Company B wants to run a short one-week  campaign in November.  Because of the busy holiday season, they anticipate they’ll report their giving by the end of January. They will then begin payouts on a quarterly basis with the start of their fiscal year in April. While their campaign runs in November, we won’t see these gifts until June.

Last year, our fundraising efforts through employee campaign supported nearly 2,000 nonprofit organizations.


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