Top ten things to look for when choosing child care

At United Way for Greater Austin (UWATX), we work to ensure every child is ready for kindergarten with our Success By 6 program—and an important part of that is making sure children enjoy quality care early on in life.  To help parents make sure they’re making the right choice for their child, we’ve compiled a top ten list of things to look for: 

1. Safe and Secure

Safety and security is obviously a parent’s top concern. Look to see if the building and equipment are in good repair. A security system is key—this way only authorized people can come and go, and all entry and exit activity is monitored. 

2. Clean and Healthy

Cleanliness is also a high priority. Caregivers should encourage children to wash their hands often, especially after using the restroom and before eating. Caregivers should lead by example and follow the same procedures, including after diapering.

Warm and responsive child care - ACGC3. Warm and Responsive

You want to make sure your child is in a kind, loving environment and know that someone is dedicated to attending to your child’s needs. Listen for laughter and conversation between children and teachers. It is important that teachers talk to the children kindly and with respect. Also, look to see if teachers make an effort to talk to the children at eye-level. Infants should be held both lovingly and often.

4. Stimulating and Dynamic

Children should be engaged in active learning through play. It is important that the children have interesting things  with which to explore, read and interact. Look for blocks, puzzles, books, and dramatic play materials inside, and space and equipment for climbing, running, and throwing balls outside. 

5. Respectful and Welcoming

Look for an environment where the teachers and administrators respect your home culture and language. It is also important that the parents of enrolled children are welcome to visit at any time.

6. Professional and Polished

Check the qualifications of the director and teachers, and make sure they are held to high standards. It is a plus if the staff has specialized training in child development, and if lesson plans and daily schedules are posted and clearly available for parents to read.

Ideally, there should be no more than four infants per adult, no more than seven 2-year-olds per adult and no more than ten preschoolers per adult.

7. Staffed and Steady

It is important that enough trained adults are available at all times. You want your child to get the attention he or she deserves, of course, but this is also a safety precaution. Ideally, there should be no more than four infants per adult, no more than seven 2-year-olds per adult and no more than ten preschoolers per adult.  Ask what the staff turn-over rate is.  Child care programs typically have some annual turn-over because of industry-wide low wages, but it is a red flag if the turn-over rate exceeds 33 percent annually.

8. Clear and Communicative

Consistent, clear communication between center staff and you is essential. Ask if the director sends out regular newsletters and if not, how he or she regularly communicates with parents. It is also important that teachers schedule conferences or write daily notes sharing information about your child’s development. Ask if the facility has written policies compiled in a parent handbook. If so, this is a very good sign.

 9. Recommended and Accredited

References go a long way. It is notable if the center can help you check references by providing contact information  for current or past enrolled families (with their prior permission, of course). It is also important to check the state licensing website for any infractions the center may have. Look to see if the program is rated 4 stars by the Texas Rising Star system, or better yet, nationally accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children.

10. Finally, gut-check

Trust your gut. If it is telling you “no,” keep looking.


Additional Resources:

If you need to find a child care center immediately, the UWATX Navigation Center is a great place to ask for help. The National Association for the Education of Young Children has a child care center visiting guide with more important things to look for during your visit. Workforce Solutions Capital Area also has a number of great resources if you find yourself with child care center questions.

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