URGENT: Make Sure HB130 Gets Adequate Funding

Proper funding of HB 130 requires an investment of at least $200 million. That level of financial support means that about 57,000 of the most at-risk children in our state would be given the opportunity to experience high-quality full-day pre-k.

From our friends at TECEC:

Because of your hard work, HB 130, relating to full-day high-quality pre-k, was voted favorably out of the House Committee on Public Education last night.

There is still a tremendous amount of work to do, however, and little time to do it. Now that we have moved HB 130 out of committee, we must ensure that it is funded properly. Major decisions will be made TODAY and this weekend related to the House budget. This a critical moment in the legislative process and it is important that early education advocates get the message out that high-quality full-day pre-k deserves adequate funding.

Please take a moment to email key decision makers to let them know that you support adequate funding for HB 130.

Click here to take action.

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