Using video to tell our stories

Last week, we met with the Web, Film and Interactive team at the American Cancer Society to discuss their innovative and expanding video production efforts. The ACS has its own version of YouTube, where cancer survivors can share their stories with the world. Just like with YouTube, visitors have the opportunity to upload their own videos, and share and comment on their experiences with others. Here is one such story that is beautiful and powerful to see, and created by someone with minimal video production experience:

Check out more videos like this at

You’ve probably had the opportunity to watch a few of the recent interviews we did with our own volunteers, who were out last spring at our Day of Caring building and painting MLK Peace Benches for community centers, participating in remodeling Habitat homes, and improving child daycare centers. If not, we invite you to watch one of these short clips.

One of the volunteers from the Day of Caring made her own video, which was really cool, and we were thrilled that she shared it with us and posted it on YouTube.

Do you have a story to tell about the work you are doing in the community? We’d love to see and hear it! has some basic instructions for how to make a video you can share with everyone. (Upload your own stories to a YouTube account and tell us about it–unless, of course, you have a Cancer or Healthcare story to share on

After you shoot and edit your video, it is quick and easy to set up a YouTube account and upload. After you’ve uploaded your video, let us know either by email or in a comment below the link to your YouTube video, and we will showcase it on our blog.

What should your video be about? Tell us how you Live United in Central Texas, either by Volunteering, Giving or Advocating for a cause you are passionate about. Tell us why it’s important to you.

If you need help making your video, let us know. We’d be more than happy to give you step-by-step pointers for shooting and editing the video, and even assist you with some of the editing of the video itself if you get stuck.

Good luck, and Happy Videoing!!

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