[VIDEO] Bobby Jenkins on the value of philanthropy



“Austin is on a trajectory to grow, and it’s up to all of us to decide how we’re going to manage that growth in a way that’s positive.”

– Bobby Jenkins, President of ABC Home & Commercial Services

Our mission at United Way for Greater Austin is to build philanthropy and to invest those gifts of time, dollars and talent to help our community thrive. We believe that when we give back, we are all made richer, and that everyone in our community who earns a paycheck should have the opportunity to give back.

Since last year, Bobby Jenkins, President of ABC Home & Commercial Services, has served as our Employee Giving Campaign Co-Chair, spreading our shared message about the importance of philanthropy to companies and individuals throughout Greater Austin.

For us, it’s been an inspiring journey to see his commitment to philanthropy. We hope his words will move you too.

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