[VIDEO] Target Graduation – a package of services to help students succeed


In our mission to help individuals overcome barriers to economic opportunity, we focus on middle school years – a critical tipping point where many students begin to fall behind. Through our Target Graduation program, we work on broad, system-wide interventions to positively impact not just individual student performance but the culture of learning in schools and programs. The program develops and coordinates systems, which emphasize collaboration to prepare students for success in college, work and life.

Part of this program is our Middle School Matters initiative: At Webb, Mendez and Decker, UWATX coordinates a wide array of evidence-based services and provides campuses with a system for ensuring these services are available to meet the specific needs of students. While services have historically been available on these campuses, the coordinated system that Middle School Matters brings facilitates a relationship between the campus and service providers to more efficiently use them for greater impact.

Working closely with campus administration and local nonprofit agencies, we’ve invested $1 million annually to not only improve outcomes for individual students, but to promote a campus-wide culture of success.

Special thanks to Robert Peters (Manor ISD) for participating in this video and to Sneaky Giants for putting this video together.

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