Volunteer Project Leaders celebrate 8th grade graduation at school dance

As the 2012-2013 school year winded down, Volunteer Project Leaders (VPL) at Webb Middle School coordinated their 8th dance and celebration and closed out the year with a bang. The gymnasium overflowed with cheery family, friends, and educators as their special 8th grader was commemorated for graduating middle school. Among those in support of the hardworking school kids were the bigger kids from United Way for Greater Austin’s (UWATX) Young Leaders Society (YLS).

The YLS founding committee was excited to help celebrate students’ hard work and achievements. Members set tables in preparation for the fun evening, decorated the gym with balloons, and manned the taco buffet and cupcake line.

After tacos and cupcakes, the real fun began as the dance was underway. YLS member, Luke Martinez, had a memorable moment when called upon by a Webb 8th grader to learn the complex and choreographed movements of the Dougie. After Luke’s life transformed before his very eyes, other members engaged in the ever famous Cupid Shuffle, the Wobble and even had the distinct honor of dancing Tribal, a dance that has ignited a cultural revolution in parts of Mexico. By the end of the night everyone had new dance moves to add to their repertoire.

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YLS members had tons of fun – here’s what they had to say about the celebratory night:

“Having had to achieve certain goals in order to have the dance, it was evident that the 8th grade students cherished being there. The dance was much better behaved than any of mine were in 8th grade. Also, it was really great seeing the kids in their element; and by kids, I mean the YLS Chaperones” –Mark Gibson

“Being able to chaperon at the Webb Middle School was a treat! We served dinner, ushered our guests to their tables and even got a chance to boogie down. I would do this again in a heartbeat.” –Juan Wah

“This volunteer event was a fun opportunity to get to know other YLS members. I enjoyed everyone’s enthusiasm and felt like we were all working as a big “YLS team” to help Webb put on this celebratory event for the 8th graders.”-Christina Sattler

“It was an outstanding event! It is amazing to see how the community can make such a huge impact!” –Travis Escoffery

“Awesome event! It was great to help the graduates celebrate their scholarship milestone.” –Aldo Arizmendi

“It was fun to help and celebrate the 8th grader’s graduation accomplishment!” –Matt Murphy

Students, mentors and chaperones danced the night away in light of students’ scholastic accomplishments. Webb Middle School successfully organized a proper send off into high school. Join YLS today and learn how you can make middle school a better experience for youth through UWATX’s Target Graduation program.

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