Volunteer Project Leaders celebrate a year of success!

Just a few days ago, we celebrated the achievements of our Volunteer Project Leaders – 30 middle school students from Decker, Mendez and Webb Middle Schools who have become community advocates in just a few short months.

Across three campuses and two school districts, students:

  • completed 10 volunteer projects;
  • gave 479 hours of volunteer work; and
  • contributed the equivalent of $10,811 in volunteer time to the community!

Projects included campus clean-ups, painting healthy and educational activities for outside play, creating campus motivational walls with letters from supportive adults, distributing food at a local food pantry and hosting a Community Cultual Celebration for families – just to name a few! To say Thank You and recognize their efforts, we gathered at UWATX offices – check out the pictures.

Here’s what some of these amazing volunteer leaders – all 7th graders who participated in VPL – had to say about it all:

Q: Why are you participating in United Way for Greater Austin’s VPL training?

Valerie: I participated because I want to help other people and the experience I get from it.

Breonna: I participated for fun!

Jaritza: I saw it as an opportunity to do something in our community.

Breon: I participated to join in on the VPL events and attend meetings.


Q: What projects have you enjoyed the most?

Valerie: I enjoyed Community Cultural Celebration the most because a lot of people were involved and I helped out my community in a good way.

Breonna: The Community Cultural Celebration!

Jaritza: The Community Cultural Celebration because I did a lot and many people enjoyed it.

Breon: The Community Cultural Celebration in May was fun because there was lots to do and I was in charge of the chess game.


Q: Do you think you’ve learned a lot from the VPL training? If so, what have you learned?

Valerie: Yes, I have learned a lot. I learned to work with people and being a leader.

Breonna: I learned how much can change in a school or community.

Jaritza: I have learned that when planning something, you have to think of the audience.

Breon: Yes, I learned about being with other people.


Q: Why do you like to lead volunteer projects in your community? Why do you like to give back?

Valerie: I give back because there is good people out there that do good things that some people don’t recognize.

Breonna: I like to give back because there are so many hardworking moms who would like it.

Jaritza: I like to do this because it makes me feel warm and cozy inside.

Breon: To make the community better – to make our community a better place to live.


Q: What are you most proud of?

Valerie: I’m most proud of helping out and being a leader.

Breonna: I am most proud of giving the janitor $50 to H-E-B because I know she needs it and deserves it.

Jaritza: I am most proud of the fact that we brought a lot of people together and we’re the cause of that.

Breon: Joining VPL by myself!


Thanks to all of our middle school VPL students – YOU are making Austin greater!


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