Volunteer Spotlight: DaMara Alexander

DaMara Alexander has participated in at least 14 volunteer projects with UWATX, adding up to more than 50 hours of service. She works as an underwriter at Farmers Insurance, one of our most dedicated and philanthropic corporate partners, and has lived in Austin her entire life.

She has been very involved with our Days of Caring, Family Volunteer Days, and with our Middle School Matters work at all three campuses. DaMara began volunteering as a kid, and now tries to involve her own family in volunteer project as often as possible.

“I’ve always tried to help those around me, even if just in my neighborhood. I’m blessed on so many levels and believe in blessing others.”

–DaMara Alexander

“I first began volunteering in elementary/middle school by going to nursing homes and things like that. I’ve always tried to help those around me, even if just in my neighborhood. I’m blessed on so many levels and believe in blessing others. I’ve been the recipient of kind actions, and I feel kindness and help goes a long, long way. I’m thankful for all that I have and all that I’m able to do.

“My favorite volunteer events are the UWATX Family Volunteer events. I try to involve those around me as much as possible, and these events are not only helpful but also so much FUN!”

In addition to serving as an individual, DaMara gives back with coworkers as well. Farmers Insurance has its own volunteer committee called Farmers Cares Community Corps (FCCC). The committee finds events in the community that the company can sponsor in addition to reaching out to local organizations to create volunteer opportunities.

“I’m a Civic Lead on the committee, so I’m passionate about the work we do. We also do fundraising, drives, walks, etc. to support the causes that are important to us here in the Austin area. It is definitely important to work with a company like mine, because I feel like it shouldn’t be all about making money here, but improving here too. We all live here, and community is important.”

As a nearly lifelong volunteer, we asked DaMara for advice for those looking to get more involved in their community.

“Volunteering is important because those that need help can’t always afford it or do it on their own. It’s important to not put a dollar value on everything, but find the value in where you live and in those around you. My words of wisdom: it doesn’t take much–just a little time and respect! In the end, it is worth it all because YOU helped to impact change and made a difference. It’s easy to be kind!”

Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to making Austin greater, DaMara and Farmers Insurance!

Volunteer projects are a great team-building experience for companies. Learn more about becoming a corporate partner.