Volunteer Spotlight: Jeff Eads

PCG_OFCL_BM_P289Jeff Eads, of Public Consulting Group – title sponsor of Ruthless Good: The Great Austin Scavenger Hunt, is currently serving on the Ruthless Good Logistics Committee. UWATX is thrilled to have his help planning the challenges that Ruthless Good participants will compete in!!  Jeff is also a member of UWATX’s Young Leaders Society a diverse group of young professionals who raise funds to support UWATX’s critical work in the Austin community. We asked Jeff a few questions about why he and Public Consulting Group volunteer with us. Enjoy his answers below.

  1. How long have you been involved with UWATX?
    I have been involved with UWATX since July 2016.
  2. Tell us about your experience volunteering on our Ruthless Good logistics committee.
    I’ve had the pleasure of volunteering on the committee since September 2016. I was lucky enough to volunteer on the committee with people I served alongside in the Army in addition to people doing great work in Austin’s philanthropic community. My main responsibility was to develop a method to score Ruthless Good. I created a system that allocates points to stops based on the distance from the Long Center. The scoring methodology will be incorporated into the technology platform that participants will use to submit their responses. Overall, the experience has been a great way to get plugged into UWATX!
  3. What are other Public Consulting Group employees saying about working with United Way for Greater Austin?
    Public Consulting Group (PCG) is excited for the opportunity to help raise funds for Austin-based charities supporting early childhood educational success. Children’s education and public engagement are core PCG values – we were founded with the goal of enabling public-sector clients to help the populations they serve. Because of this, we’re honored to be a sponsor for Ruthless Good and support UWATX in conducting their important mission. PCG staff are looking forward to participating in Ruthless Good…may the best team win!
  4. Why do you give back to UWATX?
    I was first introduced to UWATX by a very close friend. He said nothing but great things about the organization, and I was looking for way to get plugged into and give back to the community. I chose to volunteer with UWATX since they accomplish an extremely important mission. I’ve been lucky enough to be in a position to give back, so I believe it is my duty to do so.
  5. What has been your favorite part about volunteering with United Way?
    My favorite part about volunteering with UWATX is knowing that what I do makes a positive impact across Austin, a city I’ve called home for nine years. It’s been a great way to meet other people in Austin’s philanthropic community. I look forward to helping with other initiatives!
  6. Why do you believe others should give back by volunteering?
    We’re all in this together, and as cliché as it sounds, it takes a village to raise a child. It is important for people to volunteer to help charitable organizations such as the United Way implement their important mission. For the same reasons I personally feel called to give back, I believe others have a duty to help people in their community if they have the capacity to do so.
  7. What do you think makes Austin greater?
    Austin has a great sense of community that is surrounded by a lot of natural beauty. It’s rare that a city has a distinct vibe. And Gordough’s.
  8. What is the number one skill that somebody will need to really dominate Ruthless Good: The Great Austin Scavenger Hunt on April 8?
    The most successful team will be the one that strategically plans the sequence of stops they visit.
  9. Who was the greatest Bachelor in the history of the ABC television show, “The Bachelor”?
    I’m a recent addition to “Bachelor Nation” (Figured if a TV show has been around for 15 years I’d see what all the hype was about). That said, Bachelorette Kaitlyn, from her spinoff show, was the greatest. Controversial choice, I know. She’s unapologetically herself and hilarious. Plus, the guy she picked would have been great in the role of “The Bachelor”.

Thank you Jeff and Public Consulting Group, for your generous and transformative support of United Way for Greater Austin!