Volunteering at Ebenezer Child Development Center

The Young Professionals Organization (YPO) takes part in a positive volunteer experience with their family members!

On April 5, 2008 the YPO members and their families came together to support Ebenezer Child Development Center.

Volunteering as a family demonstrated the power of families who choose to volunteer together and make a positive impact in the Community.

Moms and kids sorted and organized clothes, cleaned toys, washed windows, shoveled gravel, and cleaned and organized a Resource Room.

Dads and teens helped put in a children’s playground and shovel lots of gravel! They installed cabinets, fire extinguishers and baby safety locks on cabinet doors.

At the end of the day Ebenezer Child Development Center was upgraded to help it maintain its accreditation for now and the future.

Thank you YPO group for making a long lasting impact at Ebenezer and for helping Ebenezer Child Development Center promote the growth of the total child.

YPO volunteers please share your stories!

Thank You,
Diana Santos
Corporate and Volunteer Relations Director
Hands On Central Texas

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