We Are One and 12 Ways You Can Be One

United Way Capital Area is proud to be a member of a new initiative “We Are One.” Twelve Central Texas nonprofits, including United Way Capital Area, have joined forces to increase involvement and drive stronger support for their various missions.

The We Are One campaign demonstrates a new level of collaboration as the twelve organizations come together to speak as one voice, and address the important needs across the region as the economy continues to decline.
With the assistance of the good folks at Trew Marketing, the We Are One campaign was developed, complete with a web site, two videos, Facebook page and a call to action all geared to demonstrate that:

  • We are better when we work together, Live United in action
  • The nonprofit sector has many examples of the power of collaboration; and
  • There are plenty of ways for anyone who wants to join the effort to do so – in fact, the campaign offers 12 ways!

Thanks to these twelve nonprofits, who led the We Are One campaign:

More information about our involvement and the ways you can help.

2 thoughts on “We Are One and 12 Ways You Can Be One

  1. great job on the campaign! Your community serves as a model to others that resources can be successfully shared to create lasting community change. good work!

  2. very cool United Way and other charities. You all set a great example for others to follow. Collaborate and get ahead!

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